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Groomsmen Responsibility In Detail

Groomsmen Responsibility – Duties In Detail

You see them all the time in weddings. The groom’s own personal posse. His rowdy boys bunch. You know, those fun-looking group of fellas that always seem to be doing all sorts of quirky poses during wedding photo shoots. But what does it really take to be a groomsman? What are the various groomsmen responsibilities and to-dos? […]


Top 10 Questions From The Bride And The Groom, Answered

Weddings are a beautiful thing. It’s a gathering of close family and friends to witness the union of two hearts. I can’t remember the number of times I attended a wedding, but I remember each one to be a unique experience. But before the Big Day arrives, a lot goes into preparation. And today we’ll […]

Best Man Responsibilities - Duties Checklist

Best Man Responsibilities – Duties Checklist

Here’s the thing. Being a Best Man is not a simple “show up and wing it” affair. Contrary to what most men think, being a best man is not simply being that guy who’ll give a speech and make jokes during the ceremony. There’s so much more to it. Before anything else though, perhaps the […]