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White Tie Attire

The CDG5 bow is the most formal in THE BOW TIE’s collection, yearning to mingle with the upper-echelon of society at the classiest of white tie soirees. A luxuriously unique take on the conventional white bow, this lavish ivory beauty fuses elements of the avant-garde with traditional sophistication. Masquerading as a sharp, yet unassuming basic white bow tie from afar, the CDG5’s intricate fabric weave and design detailing captivates the eye, seducing onlookers to get a closer look at is magnificence.


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The highly textured surface of the CDG5 gives the tie an alluring refinement achieved from a complex, almost waffle-like weave pattern that begs to be touched and closely admired. Made of a strong, 100% wool fabric, this bow has a beautiful composition, allowing it to dutifully maintain its shape throughout a night of wear.

The superior formality of this accessory requires a certain sense of decorum – it craves to be worn as a compliment to an equally eye-catching, formal ensemble, finding itself very much out of its element if paired with a more casual look. There is no function too fancy, no occasion too opulent, and no event too elaborate for this truly decadent, limited edition piece.

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Large Butterfly Bow Tie


100% Wool




Zinc Die Cast Metal With Nickel-Free Coating


Dry Clean


adjustable strap, Made in Germany, Self Tie Bow Tie

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