Green Silk Bow Tie – MAD3

Forest green is elegant, it’s earthy, it’s mature, and in a bow tie, it’s incredibly sophisticated. Add a gorgeous textured surface like the rippled 100% silk fabric of the MAD3 bow tie and it gets taken to a whole new level of chic. It’s the perfect piece for an avid bow tie wearer who is ready to venture into the world of coloured bows but in an understated way.


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The MAD3’s fabric and distinct colour is incredibly unique, it’s a 100% silk fabric that is very delicate even though its textured surface gives it a more durable appearance. Its thin nature makes it suitable for any climate, but its delicacy makes the piece quite fragile. This bow tie requires a hand versed in tying, as it poses a bit of a challenge due to the combination of its thin structure and textured surface. The MAD3 begs to be a part of an a connoisseur’s collection who has the skills and patience to negotiate its fragility and a chic wardrobe that can stand up to its uniqueness.

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Large Butterfly Bow Tie


100% Silk




Zinc Die Cast Metal With Nickel-Free Coating


Dry Clean


adjustable strap, Made in Germany, Self Tie Bow Tie

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