Blue Linen Bow Tie – MRS1

Picture the deep, dark blue ocean in the dead of night, moonlight bouncing off the ebb and flow of the cool waters giving a gentle glistening of light blue. It’s that ethereal, calming, and decadent mystique that is captured in the MRS1—unique and completely captivating. It is all at once unassuming and assertive, the kind of bow that causes an almost hypnotic trance with onlookers unable to keep from losing themselves in the gorgeous dimension of this luxurious neck piece.


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A little more rugged than your average bow tie, the MRS1 is made up of a clever blend of 50% linen and 50% cotton. It has a rigidity that not only makes it easy to tie (easy being a relative term as novices may need a few tries to get it just right) and keeps it secure throughout wear—even if that wear consists of a long night on the dance floor. The MRS1 begs to be worn, it’s not a piece to be reserved for special occasions, though it shines in formal situations too, this bow tie has character and charisma that should be celebrated on a routine basis.

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Large Butterfly Bow Tie


50% Linen, 50% Cotton




Zinc Die Cast Metal With Nickel-Free Coating


Dry Clean


adjustable strap, Made in Germany, Self Tie Bow Tie

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