Atypical Black Tie

A classic black bow tie is perfection—it’s timeless, it’s seasonless, it goes with everything. So there is no such thing as “too many” when it comes to black bow ties in a collection. The MAD2 offers a slight twist on the classic black bow, its rippled surface gives the traditional design added interest and beautiful texture that makes it stand out among other black bows in its class.


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This black bow tie is made from a specialty 100% silk fabric that is incredibly lightweight and has a wrinkled, rippled surface that gives it added texture and puts the lights and darks of the silk threads on clear display. Depending on the lighting and what it’s paired with, the MAD2 can look more like a dark gray than pure black making it a fun piece to add to the collection of a bow tie aficionado. The specialty fabric makes this bow a little more difficult to tie than other more basic bows, so it seeks to be a part of a connoisseur’s collection who is versed in bow tying and wants to show off their skills.

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Large Butterfly Bow Tie


100% Silk




Zinc Die Cast Metal With Nickel-Free Coating


Dry Clean


adjustable strap, Made in Germany, Self Tie Bow Tie

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