Gray Bow Tie – HKG3

The HKG3 bow tie is an incredibly clever piece with a truly standout visual texture like no other. The fabric of this striking bow has an intricate weave of black wool and white linen threads, creating a unique zigzag pattern that, from afar, has a 3-dimensional effect resembling the ornate scales of a butterfly’s wing.


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The HKG3’s appearance of a rough exterior is only a façade; this cunning piece actually has a rather smooth surface made from a blend of fine virgin wool (80%) and lustrous linen (20%) threads.

The beauty of this lavish bow tie lies within the exquisite detailing of the fabric weave, creating an exceptionally unique, eye-catching pattern. The combination of black and white creates for an overall neutral gray colour that makes this one-of-a-kind bow extremely easy to pair, and gives it the flexibility to be dressed up with suits or down with jeans.

Additional information

Large Butterfly Bow Tie


20% Linen, 80% Virgin Wool


Black, Gray


Dry Clean


adjustable strap, Made in Germany, Self Tie Bow Tie

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