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Luxury Bow Ties
Handmade In Germany

An avid collector and bow tie connoisseur, founder of THE BOW TIE, Chris Klotz, was unsatisfied with the mediocrity of the bow tie marketplace. When celebrating precious occasions one isn’t willing to settle for anything less than the best. 

Unable to find luxury bow ties that fit the profile he was looking for; high quality craftsmanship, unique designs, and intricate fabrics, Chris found himself sourcing fabrics and designing his own bows to add to his collection.

After years of hand picking special fabrics, traveling to find the best artisans, and creating one-of-a-kind pieces, he decided to open up his creations to the public. THE BOW TIE was born.

THE BOW TIE provides you with the absolute best product available; top quality fabrics, expert craftsmanship, and unique designs… Now it’s your turn to make the bow your own.

Show off, accent, stand out, flatter, call attention, wow, amaze, baffle, dazzle, ornament, highlight, awe, woo, rival, impress, seduce…. love your bow; style it,own it. Express yourself, show your personality, and display your sartorial pride.

Unlike other fashion items and accessories, bow ties transcend normative oppositions that are so often used to define a “look”. Bow ties express both nostalgia and forward thinking, youth and age, innocence and wisdom, masculinityand femininity, sophistication and playfulness, inclusiveness and exclusiveness, stoicism and emotion, androgyny and singularity, conformity and rebellion.

Bow ties do not dictate, they simply accept their duty to mold to whatever you want them to be; they are yours for the taking. Make them say whatever you want them to say, look how you want them to look, and act how you want them to act. Never going out of style, bow ties are always a part of the current zeitgeist.

More works of art than neckwear accessories, THE BOW TIE products are all handmade in Germany by expert artisans.

Each thread is placed with ultimate precision; no mass producing here, each piece is individually made. Only the highest quality fabrics are used in making the bows – hand picked for their intricate weaves, design, drape, and feel, these fabrics are molded into genuine works of wearable art, meant to be put on display with the utmost sartorial pride.

THE BOW TIE believes in the importance of attention to detail; seen in every aspect of the company right down to the hand bound leather packaging the bows are nestled in for shipping and storing. Even the tiny fasteners were thought out and specifically chosen.

Each tie has a lining that is hidden to onlookers, only known to the wearer. Many of the linings are in high contrast with the fabric of the bow tie – a fun and understated detail that shows the time, energy, creativity, and thought that went into each and every piece.

THE BOW TIE gives a modern twist to the iconic, classic neckpiece by using specialty fabrics not ordinarily found in a bow tie’s make up. Materials like denim, linen, and even leather are used to create original looks, exclusive to the company.

Each piece has its own attitude, personality and feel, but all possess a versatile nature, allowing them the ability to be mixed and matched, dressed up or down, and fit in with a wide spectrum of looks.